Day review written by Carl Von Holly

With today’s theme day “Sustainable Entrepreneurship”, big things were ventured: Starting with a beekeeper’s excursion on the Irchel to explore the honeycombs of honey bees to “Reversing Climate Change” in the evening, the day was filled with workshops and talks. Not to forget the bike exchange at sunny Höngg, where I not only got a new bike, but also sold my old one. There the circle closes completely in the sense of the lastingness. In addition, the workshop “How to be more sustainable in the lab” offered solutions to ensure the lowest possible greenhouse gas emissions, even in research. With the hint that we consumers also have a big impact on the environment and that an urgent rethinking of consumption is necessary if we want to avoid the worst, Centrale Vegetale offered an impressive 2 hour program with “Conscious Consumerism”. The Pitch Event, on the other hand, focused on new technologies and ideas to make our world more sustainable. Not to be forgotten is the financial sector: this sector has an enormous impact on the environment (Swiss financial sector emits 20 times as much as Switzerland itself), therefore solutions are urgently needed. Two events were dedicated to this topic, “Aktivismus zum Schweizer Finanzplatz” and “Nachhaltiges Investieren”, which explored the problems and possible solutions.

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