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Adbusting against Greenwashing

Dienstag 9. März 2021, 14:00–18:00 BigBlueButton Deutsch Anmeldung

What can we do about greenwashing? In this adbusting workshop with Hannes and Madlyn from the Peng!-Collective you learn how to effectively uncover the fake promises of the advertising industry. Together we discuss different forms of artivism (artistic activism) and how to achieve a constructive impact. In small groups we will develop our own adbusting campaigns – purely hypothetically, of course! Registration required. Oh, and don’t worry about the 4-hour time slot: there will be many creative breaks and many nice people to meet and talk to.


Anmeldung bis Montag 8. März bis 18 Uhr  an

(falls es noch Plätze gibt, wird der Anmeldeschluss nach hinten geschoben)

Veranstaltung ist auf Deutsch.

Hannes, Peng!

Madlyn, Peng!


Olivia Stauffer

Melanie Guntern

Levyn Bürki