Foodwaste Zmittag

Montag: ETH Zentrum, HG Vorhalle
Dienstag: PHZH, LAC E000 (Eingangshalle)
Mittwoch: UZH Irchel, Y-Lichthof
Donnerstag: UZH Zentrum, Lichthof Süd
Freitag: ZHdK Toni-Areal, Konzertfoyer

Throughout the week, we pick up and cook leftover food from supermarkets and restaurants and bring it every day at 12:00 to different campuses where you can have it for free!
With this action we denounce the extent of foodwaste and show how much can be done with groceries about to be thrown away. In doing so, we also contribute to actively reduce foodwaste and want to encourage you to do the same!
Join us when we are at your campus to share this sustainable meal and bring a tupperware and cutlery!