What we do

Our goal is to bring sustainability to students by organizing activities related to sustainability.

Sustainability week

From 7-12 March we organize a week full of activities related to sustainability. Movie nights, comedy shows, interviews and much more. Check out our program here!

University politics

We sit together with the student representatives and the personnel of the different universities to convince them to be more sustainable.


We cooperate with all five universities to organize ourselves. Thus we work together with NaKt, NHK, SSC, VERSO NK and VN PHZH to make all of this happen.


We try to convince the mensas of the universities to use more sustainable dishes. The more local and vegetarian, the better!

Without our team we would not be able to organize all of this. Get to know them here!

Blog and news

See what is new in our organization and read our blog posts! For more news, follow this link.

New website!

The past days and weeks we have spent a lot of time to do a complete makeover of our website. These efforts have now payed off as our new website is finally there! Take a Read more…

Get in Touch

We always love to hear from you. Whether it is feedback on our week, our website or anything else we do, we always want to improve and help sustainable issues even more!

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