Co-organizing with NHW is the object of volunteering. This means that no one is remunerated by the contributors or the core team for their work.

Similar to the NHW team as a whole, voluntary participation is also sought from our partners. This is partly because NHW’s budget is limited. Exceptions to this are described below. It is important that all expenses incurred are covered. However, if a partner is in need of funding, compensation of up to CHF 150 is possible in consultation with the core team. Here, the proportionality and the effort required for the work must be considered (the NHW does not commission speakers). Furthermore, speakers may use their appearance as an advertising platform for a broad audience.

Mentioned exceptions arise in the case of moderation and similar services, as the current market situation does not allow us to offer no payment here. More specifically, this concerns the use of moderators at panel discussions, slammers at a poetry slam and the performance of a band or DJ at the traditional closing party. The price here is determined by the market supply. NHW depends on a reasonably priced but high quality performance. After consultation, the range for moderation was set at 500 CHF up to 1500 CHF. The range for slammers is 100 CHF and for bands and DJs 200 CHF per person. These payments are to be understood for the entire event and not as an hourly wage or the like.

We sincerely thank…