About pages are most of the time rather boring pages with a lot of information. Let’s avoid that rabbit hole and start with a fun fact: Switzerland is rated third best in the world according to the Environmental Performance Index. However, we still emit about 4.7 tons of carbon dioxide a year, about twice the amount that we need to have if we want to keep the global warming lower than 2 degrees. Guess you didn’t know that! Another thing you might have been wondering about, but that is more closely related to our organization: what is that weird logo of ours?

Our logo represents the so called “concentric circle model of sustainability”. The outer circle represents the natural environment, the middle one represents human society and the inner one is economy. In essence this model tries to convey the message that inner circle is encapsulated by and dependent of the middle one which in is encapsulated by and dependent of the outer circle. Human society will always be a part of our natural environment and our economy depends on that human society. We best preserve our environment thus, as it is quite important 😉

Sustainability Week Zürich

Our organization was founded in 2013 and the first sustainability week took place in that year. Last year we celebrated our 10th anniversary with great success. Now, we want to keep improving and offering great events related to sustainability to students and the great public in this new edition.

If you want to know more about our organization, you can always check the subpages of our “About” menu 🙂